Tailored Software

for planning, inventories, carbon modelling, log monitoring and more

Our expert programmers and foresters ensure a swift and successful development

Flexible softwares to integrate with any ERP or corporate system

User-friendly designs to ensure a fast implementation in your company

Technical support by an experienced company will never let you you down

We solve small and large challenges

Learn how we helped Metsähallitus update and process inventory information related to 12 million hectares of forests


  • Our tailored softwares are being used for:

    • Forest inventory calculations

    • Forest database updating with growth models

    • Estate and company-level forest planning systems

    • Tailored web applications for forest planning

    • Tools for analysing carbon sequestration

    • Log yard and timber shipment management

  • Many of our tailored forest planning systems are based on SIMO, our open source simulation and optimisation framework. SIMO utilises the J solver as the LP solver in optimisation.


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