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Building a sustainable future together with Pöyry

We are proud to announce the partnership between Simosol and Pöyry. For us, this casts a light on a new avenue of growth, which is being built on top of the work we’ve done so far on sustainable forestry optimisation.

Today, Simosol is the leader in digital services for the forestry sector. Our solutions empower companies across the world - from Finland to Vietnam, and from Kenya to Panama. Pulling data from satellites in space and boots on the ground, we’ve built analytical tools to map every single agricultural field in Pakistan, determined the value of 1 million forest estates in Finland, and evaluated the future potential of eucalyptus plantations in southern Brazil.

And now, thanks to the partnership with Pöyry, we will push forward with a world class multinational. Their vast knowledge, gathered through decades at the forefront of management consulting, is simply invaluable.

What will come out of this partnership? Companies around the world will have access to solutions second to none. By combining our expertise in building digital solutions with Pöyry’s unmatched knowledge of the forestry sector, we will support decision makers by providing a solid basis for making better decisions with even more precise planning, even more accurate valuations, and even more sophisticated models.

We are very excited about this partnership and want to take this opportunity to welcome you on board. This partnership will also make you stronger.

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