Mapping and Analyzing Bioenergy Potential at a National Scale in Pakistan

- The World Bank -


  • Pakistan faces a large deficit in electricity supply (up to 5,500 MW in electricity deficiency in 2013). 

  • The World Bank pooled efforts to analyze the bioenergy potential at a national scale.


  • We mapped the bionergy sources in the whole country.

  • We delivered the most suitable locations for bioenergy plants considering biomass productivity and transportation.


  • Satellite image analysis is the most cost efficient way to measure biomass resources and how these change.

  • Optimisation allows an accurate assessment of the long term sustainability of any bioenergy investment.


LandSat 8 satellite images

Field survey with smartphones

Land use classification and harvest residue availability

GIS model for plant site suitability

Our mapping and inventory solutions are perfect for forest and crop resources in any region of the world 


Together with other partners*, Simosol conducted the following activities to evaluate the biomass energy potential:

  1. A satellite image analysis of agricultural fields to estimate the agriculture based biomass in the country.

  2. Field surveys to calculate the amount of produced crop residues and obtain information on their current utilisation rate. The survey was conducted through interviews by local universities and a smartphone app designed specifically for this purpose.

  3. GIS modelling for creating the Biomass Atlas for Pakistan. This results from (i) a feedstock potential analysis by combining the results of the surveys and the satellite images, and (ii) a power generation potential analysis after building a spatial analysis model while considering the feedstock availability, the road networks and the power transmission networks.

*The project was a collaboration between Simosol, Full Advantage, VTT, PITCO and the National University of Sciences and Technology​.


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