Carbon Analysis

of forest ecosystems and dynamic landscapes

Accurate estimations of carbon flows in the forests and in changing landscapes

Extended carbon analyses to consider a life cycle analysis of wood products

Find out how different management scenarios would affect the carbon balance

Models are uninteresting? We build eye-catching interfaces for carbon analysis

Have you ever seen a pine tree exchanging carbon dioxide in real time?

Click here to visit the Carbon Tree tool built by Simosol and INAR


  • CarboScen has been used in various countries in South America, Africa and Asia for analysing the carbon balance in dynamic landscapes. This application was developed by Simosol, together with the Viikki Tropical Research Institute at the University of Helsinki and CIFOR.

  • To the surprise of many, most of the carbon in a forest is not contained in the trees or other vegetation, but underground. Therefore, modelling the soil-carbon balance is very important. We have been working with the Finnish Meteorological Institute to develop the user interface for the soil-carbon model Yasso


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