We provide comprehensive valuations of timberland assets using our forestry expertise and advanced computational tools.

Our valuations, in line with IFRS reporting, are based on the most widely used methodologies in forest asset valuations (e.g. the income approach). With the use of our computational tools, we can project all future cash flows reliably and build a detailed cash flow model to assess your assets’ fair-value.

We deliver a complete report including a detailed description of the forest asset, a description of the methodologies and the results. We examine our valuation results with sensitivity analyses to understand how uncertainties in factors such as timber prices, operational costs and discount rates affect the estimated value.

Valuation report contents

  1. Detailed description of the forest asset properties
  2. Analysis of growth and yield in the region
  3. Harvest potential analysis
  4. Description of forestry practices and timber markets in the region
  5. Detailed cash flow analysis
  6. Sensitivity analysis to gauge uncertainty due to variation in timber prices, costs and discount rates
  7. See a valuation case example for further details.