We help our clients in optimal management of forest resources. Forest management service providers can better engage their clients with our solutions, and forest investors can secure transparent optimal management for their assets.

OptiOps: Forest management planning service for small scale forest owners

OptiOps is an automated service that creates a number of alternative management plans for forest owners. These plans are a concrete starting point for discourse with the forest owner clients of companies providing forest management services. This client engagement can be further deepened by using Iptim as a planning tool in one-to-one meetings with the clients.
OptiOps can be fully integrated into the corporate IT system used to manage forest owner forest inventory data.

See our Client Story about Optiops for further details

Iptim+: our strategic planning service for industrial forest owners

Iptim (Integrated Planning for Timberland Management) is a modern forest planning system for strategic planning that we offer as a user friendly service. Iptim software is used to build and develop models for forest growth, operational regimes and financial factors using your own data. As a result, we can develop management plans which follow your strategic objectives and operational constraints.

In the near future, additional features will provide tactical and operational planning capabilities, such as budgetary limitations, available machinery and other resources, and spatial constraints. www.iptim.com

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