Monitoring for Forest Plantations

Our continuous forest monitoring service uses satellite images from the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-2 Mission data to track changes in the ground and crown biomass of forest plantations. This pinpoints areas of forest fires, planned and illegal harvests, and effects of management actions on ground vegetation in seedling stands.
The analysis results are delivered through the Iptim software. Using the results doesn't require remote sensing or GIS expertise from your staff, the monitoring analysis is executed at agreed intervals, and the service contains a complete track record of the changes detected.

Note: the monitoring service is currently in beta, and we're looking for a limited number of pilot companies to test the service.

Tracking and Control for Forest Based Supply Chains

Iptim can be used to assign the planned operations for execution. The assignments can be tracked either manually via Iptim Mobile app, or automatically with Iptim Tracker IoT device.
While the users are responsible for tracking the execution of the operations with Iptim Mobile, Iptim Tracker will be placed in the cabin of machinery, where it will track the operations autonomously. It requires charging only at weekly to monthly interval, and the collected data is automatically synced to the server over the GSM network. This enables a control process to be run at the background, not only keeping track of the machine locations, but also checking whether there are any major deviations from the planned course of action. Major deviations will alert the planners of the need to replan the task assignments.

Note: the tracking solutions are currently in beta, and we're looking for a limited number of pilot companies to test the services.