Satellite image based land use analysis and forest inventory are cost efficient ways of producing data for large areas. We provide these analysis services based on free and commercial satellite images.
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Land cover and land use mapping

Knowing the distribution of different land cover and land use classes across the landscape is the pre-requisite for any more detailed planning for management of biomass resources. Satellite images are the most cost-efficient data source for land cover classification of large areas.

The client cases about sawmill woodsourcing analysis and bioenergy potential atlas are examples of planning projects that started with land cover and land use classification.

IFIS – our forest inventory service

Iptim Forest Inventory Solution (IFIS) offers a precise and cost effective mapping of forest resources. Our solution uses field measurements using mobile inventory tools for smaller areas, or efficient satellite image based inventory for more extensive areas.

The satellite image analysis is based on high-resolution optical satellite images and the probability interpretation method developed by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland for forest biomass estimation. All inventorty results can be easily transferred directly into Iptim for further processing and planning.

See the client case about sawmill woodsourcing analysis for an example how remote sensing based inventory is used as part of the solution to a client problem.