Timberland and Wood Sourcing Analysis

The main goal of a Pre-Feasibility Analysis for a Timberland asset is to assess the investments' profitability and operational feasibility.

The analysis begins by collecting and analysing data about the timberland asset to gain a complete understanding of the available timber resources. The logistics and operational constraints can be assessed using forest maps and road network information.

The analysis incorporates all the essential financial factors by considering operational costs as well as the potential uses for the available resources with their respective market prices and value chains. In addition, the analysis can also incorporate comprehensive risk assessment with sensitivity analysis.

A case of wood sourcing to a sawmill illustrates an example of this kind of analysis

Biomass plant

Simosol has provided comprehensive pre-feasibility studies for bioenergy projects. Our solution considers the raw material availability, the installation and maintenance of biomass production plant, the flow of the raw materials into the plant, and the energy output.

We can create detailed transportation models of the feedstock supply by taking into account all financial and operational factors. If needed, our solution identifies the optimal location of the plant to minimise transportation costs. Our simulation model can takes into consideration the financing structure, plant running costs and even factors affecting sales revenue.

Using our simulation model, you can run the entire plant virtually, and gauge the possible problems and weaknesses of the investment before actually experiencing them in real life.

The Biomass Atlas for Pakistan gives an example of a country level bioenergy potential analysis.