Wood sourcing for a Sawmill

The Problem

Metsä Group has a sawmill in North West Russia processing Norway spruce logs. They also have extensive forest lease areas in the surrounding area, which is characterised by a lack of well developed forest road network. Another obstacle to overcome when planning for wood sourcing for the sawmill is the lack of detailed forest inventory data.


The Solution

We created a 10 year timber plan for a 84,000 ha lease area. The plan minimizes the budget to reach annual harvest levels taking into account forest and soil characteristics, harvesting and timber transport.
To create the plan we first mapped the standing stock and soil characteristics using RapidEye 5 m ground resolution satellite images and field sample plots measured with TRESTIMA. These were then used as input to a wood flow optimisation program that took into account all the costs related to wood sourcing as well as the legistlative framework under which the lease areas are managed.
The outcome is a seasonal (winter/summer) road building, harvest and transport schedule for the next ten years. The road investment schedule takes into account the different categories of roads that can be built.