Forest Asset Valuation

The Problem

United Bankers company UB Nordic Forest Management Ltd invests in timberland in Central and Eastern Finland. UB Nordic Forest Management needs to analyse the value of potential investment targets on a continuous basis as well as report annually on the value and performance of their forest investments.


The Solution

Simosol team provides UB Nordic Forest Management with services for both the valuation of potential investment targets, as well as annual valuation of UB Nordic Forest Management's forest assets, following IFRS standards.

Simosol's services are based on expertise in forestry as well as state of the art modelling tools. Simosol provides UB Nordic Forest Management with detailed cash flow analysis, informative reports and services tailored to the client's own preferences, helping the client to estimate forest asset value analytically.

For annual IFRS reporting Simosol provides complete service package with a full financial analysis and comprehensive reports offering transparent description of forest asset value.