Planning and Monitoring for a Teak Plantation

The Problem

Apical Reforestadora S.A. produces high value teak for export. In order to plan their sales, Apical needs to annually predict the amount and quality of teak they can harvest during the next harvest season. During the logging and export operations Apical needs to monitor each teak log from the forest to a log yard and all the way to the customer.


The Solution

Simosol has provided Apical Iptim forest planning tool for projecting forest growth and optimizing harvests on their teak plantations. Simosol's modelling experts provide Apical support in developing and continuously improving growth models that can predict teak growth accurately and reliably.

For monitoring harvests and tracking logs from the forest to the customer, Simosol has provided Apical with LogCount. LogCount is a cloud based solution with a mobile app for data input and a Web interface for managers. With LogCount Apical can monitor their logging operations, log yards and shipments in real time, collect data on productivity of their operations, and generate all the necessary reports easily.

“With LogCount software, we have shortened the lead time from the plantation to the port. We have reduced our costs and increased our operational efficiency and quality significantly. In addition, with LogCount we have plenty of data available for analysis, reports and for operational purposes.” – Hannu Hietavirta, Manager, Apical Reforestadora SA, Panama