Strategic Planning for Family Forestry

The Problem

The forest ownership structure in Finland keeps getting more and more fragmented. About 60% of Finland's forests are owned by families that traditionally also lived close to the forests. A long trend of urbanisation has been moving the forest owners away from the close proximity of the forest and has in many cases broken the tradition of active forest management practised by the families.

Forest industry is a major sector in Finnish economy, accounting overall for over 5% of the GDB, and regionally up to 15%. As there is no industry without the raw material, Stora Enso has been encouraging the private forest owners in Finland into more active forest management. One channel for this are online services that are provided for the forest owners. Sustainable use of forests starts from a management plan that guarantees the long-term viability of the forest management. However, different owners have different goals for their forests, and therefore planning can't be approached with the mentality of "one size fits all".


The Solution

We provide Stora Enso the OptiOps planning service that generates automatically alternative forest management plans from the forest owner's data based on their preferences for forest management. This plan is the basis on which the personnel of Stora Enso Forest can then build the further dialogue with the forest owner to plan for next concrete management activities in the forest.

The planning service is integrated to the corporate IT system of Stora Enso, and works seamlessly "behind the scenes" without any work needed by the planners!