Strategic planning for a Forest Enterprise

The Problem

Tornator owns over 650,000 ha of forest mostly in Finland. Their core business is wood production and the sale of cutting rights, so ensuring the long-term sustainability of their forest management is of primary importance to them. In the northern latitudes of Finland this means the business viability from the wood production point of view needs to be analysed in decades rather than years. Moreover, this needs to be done within the context of their own guidelines for responsible forestry.


The Solution

Simosol has designed and implemented a custom planning system for Tornator that is the basis for the company strategic planning. The system is based on the SIMO framework developed by Simosol and it is directly integrated into the corporate IT system of Tornator. Simosol provides this simulation and optimization system for Tornator as a service. Simosol also providesannual planning services for Tornator to craft the long-term forest management plans for the company together with the company planners.

Tornator has also deployed Iptim as an internal tool for the company- and regional-level planning tasks and as a valuation tool intimberland investment analysis. Iptim will allow them to move to continuous planning process from the more limiting annual planning cycle.

Since Tornator owns forest also in Estonia, Simosol has together with Tornator's experts customised Iptim to work with the Estonian forest inventory data, management guidelines and local growth models, allowing them to scale the same planning tool in the context of a different country.