Up to date Forest Inventory Data at Scale

The Problem

Metsähallitus is managing more than 12 million ha of state-owned forests and water areas in Finland. Finland has undergone a paradigm shift in forest inventory lately, relying more and more on inventory based on Lidar data.

The laser scanning inventory produces much more granular data than the traditional inventory methods, leading to smaller inventory units. The inventory cycle is 10 years and this means that to know the current standing stock, the inventory data must be updated computationally using growth models.

This posed a challenge to Metsähallitus: the new type of inventory method increases the volume of data and the computational load almost by an order of magnitude.


The Solution

Simosol designed an updating service for the Lidar inventory data of Metsähallitus. This service was developed and integrated to the new Metsähallitus corporate IT solution in less than two months. The main feature of the service is scalability. The system can comfortably handle the computation load, and can be seamlessly scaled to handle possible additional computations.

The image on the right highlights this inventory data paradigm shift; on the left are the traditional forest stands or compartments, and on the right are the current inventory units for the same area.

“It is a pleasure to execute forestry IT projects with Simosol. They know from half a word what we want and need, and deliver it.” – Risto Laamanen, Information Systems Manager, Metsähallitus